CityEngine from the Ground Floor Up (SM)
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Beginning at the Ground Floor

From the Ground Floor Up” (SM), produced by JeffCity Geo+Media LLC, is a series of narrated tutorial videos that can help you take your first steps in learning geospatial visualization and procedural 3D modeling in ArcGIS CityEngine, while creating firm skills for further instruction.

Our primary focus is on teaching ArcGIS CityEngine, which generates buildings, streets and cityscapes through procedural modeling, also known as parametric or “rules based” modeling. CityEngine output seamlessly integrates with Epic’s TwinMotion renderer or the Unreal gaming engine, offering the potential to create realistic, visually stunning interactive visualizations. Envision the new or expanded roles you could explore with these tools in your skill set.

The CityEngine-Twinmotion Workflow (added 6/24)

For a demonstration of this process and its impressive results, view our latest YouTube video above and watch Esri’s “Urban Design Visualization with ArcGIS CityEngine and TwinMotion” .

Get Started

CityEngine is typically bundled with your organization’s ArcGIS license and often goes unused. Ask your administrator or your instructor about getting it installed. A 21-day trial version is available on the Esri web site.

TwinMotion is a free download from the Epic web site. It is free for use by students, educators, hobbyists, and companies earning under $1 million USD in annual gross revenue (if you ever get there, remember we sent you!).  Tutorials are available online.

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Video Instruction

T100 – Essential Skills (29:08)

A walk through of Esri’s Tutorial 1 – Essential Skills. 
This is prerequisite to other videos. Users should be familiar with the material before proceeding.

T101 – CityEngine Tour (17:12)

A walk-through of Esri’s CityEngine Tour Tutorial.

T102 – Introduction to CGA, Part I  (28:20)

  • Write CGA Code for Basic Building Models
  • Use CGA Shape Operations/Annotations
  • Review the Online CGA Reference
  • Procedural Modeling in Other Applications
  • Procedural Modeling is Relevant Knowledge

T103 – Introduction to CGA, Part II  (24:10)

  • Using assets from Esri tutorials and examples
  • The texturing process
  • Writing the CGA code

T104 – The Seamless Look (35:15)

Using Esri’s 3D City Design CGA rules and assets to model buildings, streets, lots and trees over a georeferenced drawing. The site is from a master plan for the city of Statesboro, Georgia.

Download Data (696k .zip) | View the 360 VR

S100 – Georeferencing and Importing an Image Map (10:52)

Apply georeferenced “control points” to an image map in ArcGIS Pro. When imported into CityEngine, the image will be in its correct location, at the correct scale. Use your own image.